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Ask me anything   I'm Charlotte and I'm 24. I mostly love Sheffield, food and records. Charity clothes shop hoarder, finding my political vigour. last.fm/user/charlf291
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    This is a short documentary film made my beautiful friend Jo Bailey. It’s about the Shoe Tree in Newcastle and makes me miss the city so much. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time, if you’re interested.

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    #Heaton  #Newcastle  #Shoe Tree  #Life  #Documentary  #Jonsi  #Caribou 
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      This is just down past the end of my street.
    2. quite-stylish said: I can’t watch this in Germany, wah :(
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      So good. Newcastle
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      oh man all i could think while watching this is that there’s a (n american?) film with a shoe tree in it and i can’t...
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